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    2016-17 school calendar

    The school calendar for 2016-17 has been approved by the Mingo County Board of Education and West Virginia Department of Education, and is now official.

    Adjustments to the 2015-16 school calendar

    West Virginia Code 18-5-45 requires county boards of education to provide 180 separate days of instruction and a minimum employment term of 200 days. If a day of school is cancelled due to weather, utility outages, or for any other reason, that day must then be rescheduled using available non-instructional days (Continuing Education days, OS days, etc.) or out-of-calendar days.

    School was closed across the county on the following instructional days due to inclement weather:

    And as a result, the following days had to rescheduled as instructional days, replacing those above:

    So now, these are the days we missed for inclement weather:

    And these are the days that will be regular school days:

    The complete adjusted calendar for 2015-16 is now online.